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The world's first paragraph 3D printing underwater jetpack, speed of 8 miles per hour
Jul 13, 2018

A British professional product design students designed a futuristic underwater jetpack, eight miles per hour drive at the speed of a swimmer, called the jetpack CUDA completely using 3D printing materials.

Design student of Loughborough University (Loughborough University) of Archie O 'Brien said, 3D printing of underwater jetpack project was done as part of the student project started, he spent a year's time to design and manufacture of a functional prototype.

O 'brien original idea is to reduce the jet ski engine, so that it can be used as jetpack is wearing.In similar underwater propulsion system is too slow or too expensive, cost up to $15000 and more than 30 kg weight, o 'brien decided to develop its own propulsion system and his 3D with 3D printing company established CUDA Hubs cooperation.

Final design by 45 3D printing parts, most of the parts using a low-cost PLA material and FDM technology for printing.All 45 3D printing components are coated with a thin layer of epoxy resin, rechargeable battery socket and electronic components through silica gel seal processing, so as not to fill, CUDA can 10 minutes underwater.

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