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TITOMIC has signed a partnership with Australian shipbuilding company FINCANTIERI to reform shipbuilding.
May 15, 2018

Located in Australia, Titomic has exclusive rights to the patented titanium cold spraying technology developed and patented by the Australian government federal science and industry research organization (CSIRO).

Unlike laser-based technology, metals do not melt during the deposition process in cold spraying.Instead, Titomic Kinetic Fusion relies on a supersonic gas ejector to emit particles at high speed and fuse to the surface during collisions.This makes it easier to combine different metals.

According to Titmoic, the process can be "30 times faster than a commercial 3D printer with no size limit."


Fincantieri, Europe's largest shipbuilder by 2013, doubled its size this year to become the fourth-largest shipyard in the world.

The company manufactures commercial and military vessels and joins BAE systems and Navantia to build a future frigate for the royal Australian navy.The plan is to begin in 2020, with competitors still competing for competitive assessments.

BAE has extensive experience in additive manufacturing, especially in aerospace.Meanwhile, Navantia has started experimenting with 3D printing parts for its superusers.

With its industrial capabilities, Titomic and Fincantieri can join together as competitors in the field of large-scale Marine additive manufacturing.

Australia Fincantieri Dario Deste chairman said: "we are very glad to cooperate with Titomic, this is an innovation of the advanced manufacturing company, is dedicated to all stakeholders to pursue new technology development, continuous improvement and value creation."

"This partnership is about how we introduce new manufacturing technology, the advanced in the Australian navy dominant technology field, and improve our solutions in the global market."

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