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TRUMPF first introduced green laser built copper and precious metals 3D printing
Nov 23, 2018

"Laser beam melting components surface, and then cooled to room temperature.TRUMPF is responsible for the technology of material manufacturing, general manager of Tobias Bauer (Tobias Baur) said."No preheating is obviously better than the carbon steel material quality and surface, to prevent the breaking parts."

Preheating is used to add material manufacturing prostheses and implants provides a major advantage.When the temperature fell sharply, parts will be deformation, we have to start processing;In addition, we often need to set up and dismantle the support structure.Preheat TruPrint 5000 reduce pressure and improve the processing quality, in many cases, eliminating the need for support structure.It also reduce the need for downstream heat treatment, often at the same time make titanium more elastic, more durable implant.

TRUMPF also shows a kind of new green laser pulse function, for the first time in 3D printers processing pure copper and precious metals.To achieve this, developers will be the new TruDisk 1020 plate connected with TruPrint 1000 3D laser printer.

"Traditional system using infrared laser as light source, but its wavelength is too long, can't welding high reflective material, such as copper and gold.Through fast company responsible for the sales of material manufacturing, general manager of Thomas Finn (Thomas Fehn) said.According to Fehn, it will open new possibilities of 3D printing, for example in the electronic and automotive industries.Green laser in the jewelry industry has great potential of printing gold, also can make personal unique on-demand production works, at the same time saves the expensive materials.

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