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U.S. army invented the 3D printing composite high strength concrete, for rapid construction
Jun 29, 2018

Concrete in essence is not uniform, however, the concrete due to the existence of the rocks and stones "aggregate" and get its strength.Due to its composition is uneven, the probability of concrete block machine is very high.Cement is a kind of homogeneous mixture, not blocking machine, but do not have to ensure that the structural strength needed for the building doesn't collapse under pressure.

As a result, the U.S. military has invented a kind of from the mixture of solid, water and all kinds of liquid mixture can print concrete combination.Solid mixture including aggregate, coarse sand, binder and fine sand.Clay additive, the mixture of fly ash and silica fume mixture.Aggregate, coarse sand and fine sand exist in about: critical aggregate ratio, admixture and clay, admixture of fly ash and silica fume admixture respectively by about 1.5%, 10% and 5% of the amount.The solid mixture can pre-packaged to then combined with the scene of the water and liquid mixture to form the composite material can be printed.

Liquid admixtures including flow control agent, plasticizer, promoting agent and shrinkage-reducing agent.The mixture flow control by changing its viscosity to control can print the rheological properties of composite material.This improved the printable composite material at high pressure flow and pumping.Plasticizer mixture by adding printable concrete composite components at lower levels of the dispersed in the water and allow to reduce printable composite material used in the water.Shrinkage-reducing agent can decrease cracking and contraction of the drying process in combination, mixture and the accelerator can shorten the coagulation time and increase can print the strength of the composite material.

This new printable concrete combination allows 3D printing to build high strength building components.Once the printable concrete composite was prepared, the user can in the case of wrong combination for further modification type structure.Users can in printable concrete composite layer embedded between the net to enhance or stability of the structure.

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