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Use plasma jet to promote bone fusion with 3D printing implant
Dec 05, 2018

Most bone implant through chemical coating processing, in order to promote bone growth;Implants as a support, has finally been bone package, although the implants still exist.Using the Fraunhofer IST technology, will be a cold plasma spray containing amino to 3D printers out on each layer.Through to the implant into a friendly bone matrix, (assumption) ever faster growth, while the risk of rejection is reduced.Hybrid antibiotics can also prevent infection.

Such as Fraunhofer IST life sciences and ecology, head of the sales department Jochen, explains Dr Borris stent placement is also a 3D printing in the copolymer, dissolve over time, "our goal is to make the bone cells grow into composite structure as soon as possible and eventually replaced by the body's own enzyme decomposition gradually implants."

Depending on the type of need to repair bone implant some padding can increase the hardness of the implant."Our project partners from Maastricht university developed the technology, enable us to change the stability of implants inside alone."The fraunhofer institute for the project manager, "said Dr Thomas new burt," like natural bone implant can now play a different role in different parts of."

Some results in the laboratory is will the findings make need to be the first step in its hands."We are currently trying to simplify the process, to make it more stable."In order to be able to further develop and conduct clinical research, we are looking for industrial partners, "said Borris.

People don't have to agree with everyone like snowflakes (by the way, not snow) unique philosophy, will be able to understand person is not the same;3D printing technology by providing better, cheaper and safer customized solution, is to catch up with the reality of implanted medical field.

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