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What is 3D printer accuracy
Nov 13, 2017

What is the accuracy of 3D printing? It refers to the accuracy of printing objects and models, which is related to the thickness settings, positioning accuracy and spot accuracy, and also related to the size of print model and the completion time of the model. Precision is also divided into precision and accuracy. In our 3D printing industry there is no uniform standard, and we usually say the precision is accuracy, that is, the accuracy of the printed goods and model comparison.

3D printing produces components by layer by layer stacking, and the material is processed from one form to another to create printing parts. Variables may occur during processing, such as shrinkage of materials - in the printing process, compensation must be made to ensure the accuracy of the final components. 3D printers for powder materials usually use adhesives, and the printing process has the smallest shrinkage distortion, so the accuracy of the finished product is often higher. Plastic 3D printing technology is generally used to treat printing materials by heating, ultraviolet light or the two, which increases the risk factors affecting accuracy.

Other factors that affect the accuracy of 3D printing include component size and geometry. Some 3D printers offer different levels of print ready tools can fine tune the accuracy of specific geometry. People often use the height or the thickness of the layer to make the accuracy standard of 3D printer, which is not accurate or irresponsible. Need to be comprehensive, speak with results.

The accuracy of the 3D printer depends on the following elements:

1. the mechanical part of the walking system is accurate and reasonable.

2. is the software control system reasonable?.

3. chassis, chassis can not shake or loose phenomenon.

4. do not choose the belt or rack belt type soft connection walking connection structure, to ensure that the operation does not shake, constant position.

5. the machine frame should be firm, preferably the chassis of industrial production.

6, to select high-quality stepper motor and perfect software technology support.

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