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What is 3D printing technology?
Nov 13, 2017

Although the concept of 3D has been born for many years, many people still don't know what kind of technology it is. Some people say that this will open the third technological revolution, some people say that this is another concept hype. In fact, 3D technology is so mysterious that it has not been able to open the market, the people who have used 3D or have seen 3D printing products are not many.

In fact, 3D printing is essentially not a printing technology, but a manufacturing technology, the industry also known as "additive manufacturing", is the use of powdered metal or adhesive material, stacked by layer by layer accumulation of technology to build objects. Unlike traditional manufacturing by cutting and polishing raw materials, 3D printing is a process from scratch, hardly producing waste.

At the first World Conference on 3D printing technology last year, people could see guitars, pianos, desk lamps and pistols made by 3D printing technology. In this regard, Asian Manufacturing Association CEO Luo said that if the light is a traditional manufacturing manufacturing industry can make something out of it, is not what special, after all the traditional manufacturing industry after several years of development, has been very perfect and mature, technology, cost and time are incomparable with 3D printing technology.

Luo said, 3D printing technology is not what can be done, but the traditional manufacturing industry can not be done, or it is very difficult to do in the field, you can easily achieve the use of 3D printing technology, such as personalized, complex products, including new product mould and precision parts, body parts etc.. What specific 3D printing can make, we are interested in visiting Qingdao in June to visit the second world 3D printing technology industry conference this year.

For 3D printing advantages, Luo Jun for example, in the field of military industry, for a manufacturing F16 fighter, the traditional manufacturing technology of cutting grinding may need 1.96 tons of raw materials, and using 3D printing technology is only 100 kg, material savings of nearly 95%; in the field of biology, human organs inside blood vessels. 3D printing technology can achieve the precision processing, and the traditional manufacturing technology is very difficult to do.

From the price point of view, industrial grade 3D printers with high cost, often cost up to hundreds of million yuan, mainly used in the field of modern manufacturing industry and bio pharmaceutical and other high-tech, and desktop 3D printer price for household consumption can be used in more than 20 thousand yuan, more is as high income families in the high-grade, print some plastic material gadgets, the popularity of the co..

From the market scale can also be seen, 3D technology was born in the last century in 80s, but until 2013, the global 3D printing market size of nearly 4 billion dollars, not as good as a large enterprise output value of a year. According to the World Federation of 3D printing technology industry statistics, the Chinese market is about 300 million dollars, Europe is about 1 billion dollars, the United States is about 1 billion 500 million U. S. dollars.

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