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With sugar as raw materials support 3 d printing organs, scientists did it!
May 28, 2018

Biological 3D printing is a difficulty for the framework of the formation of 3D printing organization, if solved the problem, 3D printing technology has taken a big step forward.Recently, the university of Illinois engineer found a material that is the children all love to eat sugar malt ketone sugar alcohol, in particular, can make the support of a 3D printing.Malt sugar alcohol ketone is a kind of sugar alcohol, sugar, used in the manufacture of whistle can relieve sore throat, in some cases can also help.

Different malt sugar alcohol ketone is water-soluble biodegradable material, its uniqueness is to be able to use free form 3D printing technology for 3D printing.Simply is, but in mid-air with sugar painting, sugar in the air will harden, so you can keep the shape of a draw, which allow people to print out the fine filaments grid, and a solid.Bioengineering at the university of Illinois professor and director of the center for cancer Rohit Bhargava, who said: "we can design around the soft material or growth cells and tissues, and then dissolve sugar stents.For example, can be applied in the laboratory research training organization or tumor."

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