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3D Print Deep-sea Diving Record
May 24, 2018

Diver rely on special vest for diving, have a special vest two-way valve, as the diver discharge air and oxygen.Under normal circumstances, the divers use finger using the vest lever system to control the depth of buoyancy, but for Mr Dmitry runco for such injuries, will be different to the operation of the diving vests.The "depth" project shows that the disabled can achieve what you want, like normal people and puff runco with a homemade leverage to control breathing and lifting the valve.


Anisoprint for its development, therefore, a kind of high strength of 3 d printing composite materials to make it need valve, while students from Moscow university of science and technology to help it improve its design.Among them, the students Stanislav Shvydkin and Evgeniy muscovites to use 3 d printing technology, because of low cost and fast printing.While the other students also gives the other scheme, but Mr Novikov and Shvydkin design concept, design become the final product.In this new product, USES the technology of FFF and ABS plastic 3 d printing prototype.