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3D Print Makes Mass Customization Possible.
Apr 29, 2018

Poltrona Frau, a famous Italian furniture company, is a company that USES 3D printing for mass customization and allows customers to customize their own furniture.Poltrona Frau provides customers with a 3D tool that allows them to imagine their furniture and then customize it.As a high-end furniture company like Poltrona Frau even before the use of 3D printing has achieved the manual custom, so 3 d printing can let them have faster manufacturing technology, and reduces the labor costs.


3D printing has huge potential in mass customization and can even be achieved in the automotive industry.MINI car has always been very pays attention to personalized way, owners can choose according to individual be fond of of different automotive exterior and interior, such as choose personal favorite body, roof, mirror and wheel color, etc.In addition, the MINI manufacturer BMW group announced that from 2018, MINI cars will provide customized services for auto parts through 3D printing technology.



Like Poltrona Frau, companies such as BMW, using 3D printing technology has realized the transition from large-scale mass production standardization mode "to" intelligent "mass customization production mode, provides a powerful reference for us.In summary, as 3D printing technology becomes more and more mature, the price becomes cheaper and cheaper, and 3D printing can achieve mass customization.