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3D Printing Jet Iron Man Suit Is Sold At A Price Of $340000
Jul 31, 2018

If you ever want to be a iron man, you can now use your iron man gravity flight suit.British inventor Richard Browning of events held in London on Friday showed his latest invention - jet clothing.


The 39-year-old former oil traders created a iron man type jet clothing, now is Selfridges in London department store sale, the price is as low as 340000 pounds ($443428).Now, nine wealthy consumers can order personalized version of the "iron man" suits, and learning from selfridges driving crash course of it.
The suit made using 3 d printing parts, and is equipped with five kerosene fuel micro jet engine, installed in the arm and back.3 d printing suit 27 kg, controlled by body movement.Inventor said he reached a speed of 90 km/h, while Selma fritsch suits the recommended limit of 50 km/h (32 miles per hour).The suit claims that can reach the height of 3650 meters (11975 feet), 5 micro jet engine allows you to hover the need before the 4 to 5 minutes.
Browning said: "we have another flight mode, of course, in the cold weather, when you have more thrust, it will fly about 9 minutes.""This is the place where we want to improve, but this is the inevitable result of the flying without wings."
Curious to see the dress in the shop, also can test the virtual reality.
Browning explained: "it fly actually very calm, not too violent."