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3D Printing Makes Mass Customization Possible
Apr 29, 2018

As people living standard is increasing day by day, personalized, diversified consumer demand gradually into the mainstream, past simple "mass production", by the unprecedented challenges, in this case, to adapt to the personalized needs of consumers of mass customization can develop, more and more get people's attention and favor.Mass customization is based on the personalized needs of customers, in order to mass production of low cost, high quality and efficiency to provide customized products and service mode of production, in order to achieve mass customization is the best way - the lowest cost and highest level of customization.In a way, 3D printing will play an increasingly important role, providing unlimited potential and potential for mass customization.


The usual customization, due to the cumbersome process steps, is costly and often prohibitive to the general public.And 3D printing technology has many advantages, such as manufacturing on demand, reducing waste by-products, various combinations of materials, accurate entity reproduction, and portable manufacturing.These advantages can reduce about 50% of manufacturing cost, shorten the processing cycle is 70%, and achieved the integration of design and manufacture of complex manufacturing, not only doesn't increase additional cost, but greatly reduce the production cost, let everybody have the consumption level of custom products will no longer be a dream.Block chain 3 dp. 3 d printing currency money ecological protocol based on block chain technology of digital manufacturing, the world of digital manufacturing equipment such as 3 d printers, set up digital distributed manufacturing chain, each production equipment has become a global manufacturing network of a node.Scale customization is possible.


In addition, 3D printing of personalized, complicated, difficult, and the characteristics of fast, more flexibility in production process at the same time, also can satisfy the diversified consumer demand, to provide efficient and convenient personalized custom services.At the same time, consumers can participate in the product design process, increasing the attachment to purchase, thus improving customer satisfaction.