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3D Printing Pen Will Become The Most Popular 3D Printing Equipment
Nov 13, 2017

The current 3D printing pens are mainly divided into two categories: melt extrusion and light curing. The former is evolved from the FDM3D printer, using PLA and other plastic wire as raw materials, heating the plastic wire through the heating module in the pen, melting and extrusion, relying on the natural cooling and curing molding in the air. In 2013, the world's first 3D printing pen melt extrusion 3Doodler on KickStarter to raise the public, one congregation raised $2 million 300 thousand, and caused a wave of hot 3D printing pen. The latter is evolved from the DLP3D printer, using photosensitive resin liquid as the raw material, directly extruded at room temperature and then solidified with UV light.

With the emergence of these two products at home and abroad, the emergence of a number of similar products currently on the market can be seen, the melt extrusion of 3D printing pen is more, there are nearly 10 companies in the production of such products; and the light curing type 3D printing pen manufacturers less, only two or three.

Today, 3D printing pen is constantly optimized, such as more and more fine, stability is better and better, security is getting better and better, and the price is also cheaper and cheaper. As a 3D printing industry entry-level products, so that children can be less investment to experience the fun of 3D creation, lower than the threshold of 3D printers, more easily accepted by people.