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3D Printing Tactile Map Help Visually Impaired Students On Campus For Navigation
Oct 09, 2018

50 of visually impaired students registered in the center of the university of south Florida disabled student services.The doe kaplan linked with five students, they began to test this summer a personalized touch maps.This will help them familiar with some of the classroom before the fall semester.

3D printing is tactile map for public use is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2019.They will be located outside the classroom, close to the room number, currently with braille.

"The project for the university of south Florida and disabled student services is very important, because it promotes the visually impaired students fair and inclusive," disabled student services coordinator Dani Thiel said."Students with visual impairment should be like other people to understand their classroom space and emergency exit path."

Kaplan is to seek the feedback of other institutions Tampa Lighthouse for the Blind and the United States department of veterans affairs, got the enthusiasm to meet his ideas.Kaplan hopes to encode hospitals and airports and other public places, finally make it can be accessed on a global scale.