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3D Printing Unmanned Ship Used For Peak River Transport Goods
Jun 19, 2018

3D printing fleet are individually in the 3D printing, these ships can be operated in "the city that is rich in water resource".

In the future, the researchers also assumed that the unmanned ship can adapt to enforce the service of the city overnight, rather than in a busy day, further reducing road congestion and canals.

One of the researchers, Danny rose said: "the plan is to often happens during the day some infrastructure services, such as delivery, such as waste management and waste management transferred to the use of automation in the night operation of the boat.Scientists have designed a series of 3D printing unmanned ship, can transport goods and people, help clean up in Amsterdam, Venice, Bangkok and waterways and affluent cities such as road congestion, the canal along the bustling streets and Bridges.

No ship to provide a high level of usability and precise control.They can use low cost 3D printers use wear-resistant plastic materials, so that the batch manufacturing more feasible.4 m x 2 m long rectangle ship hull will be equipped with sensors, microcontroller, location tracking, and other hardware.They can be programmed to self-assemble into a pontoon bridge in a few hours, the concert stage, the food market platform and other structures.Scientists said: "once again, is usually some activities occur on land, cause disturbance to the city's mobile, can temporarily in the water."The ship can also be equipped with sensors to monitor urban environment quality, and to understand the status of the city and the health of human beings.

In order to make the ship, the researchers used a commercial printer 3D printing a rectangular hull, produced 16 independent part of stitching together.Print spent about 60 hours.And then through the adhesive layers laminated materials will complete hull seal.Integrated into the hull is on the power supply, wi-fi antennas, GPS and small computer and microcontroller.For accurate positioning, the researchers will indoor ultrasonic beacon system and GPS module (allowing cm-level positioning) and inertial measurement unit module (the surveillance ship parameters such as the yaw angular velocity and angular velocity).