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$4,000 3D Printing House?New Story In Silicon Valley Is Implementing It.
Mar 13, 2018

Based in silicon valley, nonprofit New Story, said the company has developed a "Vulcan" building 3 d printers, the printer can within less than a day for $4000 made four chamber housing.Large-scale 3D printers are being displayed at SXSW.


We've been writing about 3D printing houses and building projects, but most of the companies that develop 3D printers in homes have one thing in common: profits.3D printing is a lucrative business, and any company that claims to be able to print skyscrapers or similar devices will certainly attract interest and investment.

New Story, based in silicon valley, seems to be one of them. After all, California is a region with very close capital.But 3D printing expert New Story is actually a nonprofit organization that is trying to use its New Vulcan 3D printer to print homes in areas affected by natural disasters.

The nonprofit group has spent the last few years developing 3D printing technology suitable for building safe houses for the poor.To do this, it is working with the construction technology company Icon to burrow Vulcan 3D printers into machines that can make four-room homes in less than a day.

New Story says its Vulcan 3D printer could cost less than $100, 000, which is set in orbit and can be loaded into a truck so it can be transported completely.Its large nozzles paint the mortar into layers.

The giant 3D printer is said to be able to install two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom in a 600-800 sq ft 3D printing house.However, the roofs of these buildings cannot be printed in 3D.

It takes two or four workers to operate a 3D printer and put together these ultra-cheap homes ($4,000 per set).The group relies on donations for research and development, and sees itself as the future research and development agency for the global social housing sector.