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ADAPTIV Concept Boot: Fully Automatic Foot Fitting 3D Print Shoe
Jul 31, 2018

Leedoff Studio design for SOLS a concept boot ADAPTIV with 3D printing technology to achieve fully automatic customization, and can use sensors and airbags for adaptive adjustment according to users' wearing conditions and real-time actions. The outside of the boot is shaped by 3D printing. The nylon mesh is built around the ankles and toes to enhance the flexibility of the wearer's movement, while the toe is thickened and strengthened. The nylon mesh is embedded with wires attached to sensors located at the tongue of the shoe that can sense the tightness and pressure of the boot and adjust them automatically.



In addition, ADAPTIV's adaptive ability to adjust is reflected not only in comfort, but also in color -- the LED lights on the inner side of the case can illuminate the white air cushion, while the color sensor on the tongue of the shoe allows the light color to change with the clothes on the wearer.