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Admedus Successful Test In The 3D Printing On The Sheep Heart Valve Device
Jul 16, 2018

Medical technology company, based in Queensland Admedus announced its patents of transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) progress was made in the development of the project. The company has completed animal trials and successfully implanted its unique 3D printed single aortic valve into sheep for the first time.

                            Admedus successfully tested its 3D printed heart valve device

Admedus cooperate with one of the leading European reference laboratory, for "Admedus valve experimental model for evaluating the sheep of aortic valve replacement" research, the study used sheep check Admedus unique 3 d printing piece molded valve of the safety and feasibility.

TAVI stands for transcatheter aortic valve replacement, a minimally invasive procedure that helps repair damaged aortic valves. The TAVR method provides a fully foldable replacement valve through a catheter to the valve site without the need for open heart surgery.

Admedus' unique 3D printed single-piece modular valve provides a more accurate deployment and placement mechanism, enabling surgeons to achieve better coordination and reduce the risk of leakage around the valve.

The research was carried out after the company's successful laboratory tests, in which a number of 3D valves ran out of 400 million cycles (about 10 years in human use), compared with competitors' valves. Although Admedus valves remain functional after 400 million cycles, competitor valves show significant fatigue at 250 million cycles.