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Admedus Successful Test In The 3D Print On The Sheep Heart Valve Device
Jul 16, 2018

Recently officially into the first single valve officially marked the beginning of the trial, is expected to last about five months, and will involve many animals, and then extended to the larger animals (calf) in the test valve TAVR Settings.

"When we get to the next stage of development, is an important step in TAVR project today," Wayne, chief executive of Admedus Paterson said, "exciting is that for the first time, we will be the unique monolithic valve is placed in a living heart. These experiments are being conducted by global leaders in the field and will provide critical insight to our development team as we accelerate product commercialization. "

The company has previously filed a patent application for a unique 3D printed single-piece modular valve using its innovative ADAPT tissue technology. Invented by professor Leon Neethling, ADAPT tissue technology is used to make durable, biocompatible scaffolds for soft tissue repair.

Using ADAPT technology, Admedus will provide the first and only TAVR with proven calcium resistance and excellent biomechanical control. This revolutionary combination of advantages provides a strong scientific basis for Admedus TAVR and can provide predictable and improved results.

Demand for TAVR devices is growing rapidly - the current market value is estimated at $3.5 billion and is expected to increase to $5 billion by 2020. "The device could be a game-changer for patients, companies and the TAVR market," Mr. Paterson added.

Admedus currently has a number of patents related to its TAVR equipment in the United States.