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At The University Of California Engineer With Natural Materials Of 3D Printing In Vitro Growth Of Organization
Dec 06, 2018

Biological engineers at the university of California, San Diego, has developed a is easy to use 3D printing technology, made of natural material realistic models of organs and tissues.As a proof of concept, the university of California, San Diego, 3D printing network of blood vessels to keep breast cancer in vitro, and the blood vessels of human intestine model.

(L - R) : biological engineering in both the undergraduate and graduate student Michael Hu Xin Yi Lei (Linda) using their team's new 3D printing technology constructing vascularization intestinal model.

Researchers say that goal is not to manufacture can be implanted artificial organs, but human organs model making easy to grow, or used in the research field of in vitro drug screening.

"We want to make everyday scientists more easily - they may not have other specialization - making for the 3D printing technology they are studying any of the 3D model of human tissue," lead author, bioengineering doctoral student Michael Hu said.He was at the university of California, San Diego jacobs school of engineering students."Model will than the standard 2D or 3D cell culture is more advanced, more relevant and test new drugs with human beings, at present in animal models."

In order to establish a network of blood vessels, the researchers first used Autodesk digital design a stent.Researchers used a commercial 3D printers, print scaffolding called pva water soluble materials.And then they pour thick coating made of natural materials - on the bracket, let it solidified, then flush to internal stent materials to form hollow vascular channels.Next, they cover inside the channel with endothelial cells, endothelial cells are arranged in the blood vessels inside the cells.The final step is to make the cell culture medium flows through the blood vessels to keep cells survive and grow.