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BAM, German Research Institute, Has For The First Time Successfully Used 3D Printing Tools Under Zero Gravity.
Apr 27, 2018

Because of the addition of metal to the use of laser selective melting or melting of powder beds, a method is needed to stabilize the powder bed under zero gravity conditions.Not only is there no gravity that makes it difficult to keep the particles of the powder bed together, the metal powder may also be flammable or explosive.The BAM research team developed a method to protect the gas, in this case nitrogen, using a special pump through the powder layer.The nitrogen is sufficient to stabilize the powder bed.


The technology has been through two flight test, these activities are with Klaus tal university of science and technology and the German aerospace center (DLR) (in the composite structure of the Brunswick and adaptive system institute) collaboration.It is understood that the system will be displayed at this year's hannover industrial exposition.