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BAM Has For The First Time Successfully Used 3D Printing Tools Under Zero Gravity.
Apr 27, 2018


Is it possible to add 3D printing to space travel?For example, the automatic 3D printing system is combined with the technology to convert the surface material of the moon or Mars into 3D printing materials.One day the entire habitable colony could be set up on Mars or the moon without any human intervention to prepare for the eventual arrival of the astronauts.3D printing has been used on the international space station to create many different functional components, but astronauts have yet to be able to use metal for 3D printing.Until now, space 3D printing has been limited to the use of FDM 3D printers that extrude thermoplastics or polymers.Because of the use of powder, it is a bit more challenging to use metal 3D printing under zero gravity.