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BAM, The German Research Institute, Has For The First Time Successfully Used 3D Printing Tools Under Zero Gravity.
Apr 27, 2018

Recently, BAM, the German research institute, successfully used 3D printing tools in zero-g conditions.Last year we reported on BAM's early tests, using ceramic 3D printing on space ships and using a vacuum system to fix the powder bed together.Now the improved process of additive manufacturing has been used to produce metal tools, the most advanced research ever achieved.


BAM ceramics processing and biological materials department of project manager and supervisor JensGunster said: "we in March, the latest parabolic flight activities, using new technology for the first time printed wrench under zero gravity."Printing spanner under zero gravity indicates the direction of adding 3D printing technology to the space exploration task.In space, using 3D printing technology especially useful for maintaining space travel costs down, because the spacecraft carrying any spare equipment mean additional weight and more fuel to give the spacecraft into orbit.Relatively inexpensive 3D printers and materials can also be used to produce the necessary spare parts as needed.