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Belgian Start-up Loops 3D Printed Earplugs Prevent Tinnitus
Mar 17, 2018

Loop, a Belgian start-up that specialises in ear protection, has developed a pair of 3D printed earplugs that help combat tinnitus.Loop says its 3D printing device can prevent hearing loss.


3D printing is now often used to produce audio products such as 3D printed earplugs and 3D printed speakers.But do you need to turn it down instead of turning it up?For those who suffer from tinnitus, they often need to wear protective earplugs -- for concerts, parties, and sometimes just daily life -- to hear ringing or buzzing.


The problem is, earplugs don't have a cool reputation.Show some bubbles in your ears and people may think you are about 20 years older than you.But what's worse: it looks strange or does it cause serious damage to your ears?

Fortunately, the Belgian start-up Loop hopes to eliminate this dilemma by making a pair of 3D printed earplugs that are both protective and stylish.This is a brand new earplugs, specially designed for listening to pleasant music, the voice channel and filter together in order to obtain the natural voice, reduce the db and will not let you "look like a fool.


The world health organisation (WHO) says a third of young people are at risk of hearing loss due to concerts, activities and clubs' loud music.But few young people consider wearing earplugs at night.

Why is that?Loop believes there are some problems: the aforementioned awkward questions and audio quality issues.Some people know that noisy music can hurt their ears, but they still want to hear the glorious sound.


The Loop's 3D printed earplugs attempt to solve both problems.

"When I go out, I want to enjoy the atmosphere," said Maarten Bodewes, the co-founder of Loop."Most earplugs distort music and feel uncomfortable - not to mention downright ugly.That's why we started the Loop."


To eliminate the stains around the earplugs, the Loop makes a high fidelity earplug for music, which is very discreet compared to the typical foam product you get from the pharmacy.The Loop says its earplugs are elegant and effective, with eight colors to choose from.

The acoustic filter in the 3D printing Loop's earplug reduces the volume by 20 decibels, Dimitri O, another co-founder of Loop, calls it "the perfect balance between protection and experience".


Because each ear is unique, the 3D printed earplugs come with a memory foam that can adjust the ears and two sizes of soft silicone earplugs.This means that even when your favorite tunes bounce, the earplugs stay in place.

Acoustic channels and filters are developed by Dynamic Ear Company, the leader of the Dutch listening protection field.The 3D printing process is handled by 3D Systems, and the American company Comply helps improve the design comfort and adaptability.


The Loop has eight colors to choose from: bright gold, stylish blue, flirty rose gold, midnight black, red, rocking silver, electric white and bright black.Each set consists of four silicone earplugs, two foam earplugs and a leather tote bag. 

The price of earplugs is $29.95/29.95.