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BIOLIFE4D: Create A Portable Biological 3D Printing Human Heart.
Feb 07, 2018

BIOLIFE4D, a medical technology company specializing in 3D bio-printing and tissue engineering, is working with northwestern university through the recently signed "laboratory services agreement" (LSA).Through this collaboration, BIOLIFE4D, located in Chicago, will receive the most advanced research facilities and resources in the northwest region.


By taking advantage of the university's academic and research facilities (including its imaging laboratory), BIOLIFE4D goal is to accelerate the development of 3 d printing, with the ultimate goal is to use its biological printing system to create a portable human heart.

"We are honored to have the opportunity to use the laboratory resources from the renowned northwestern university, which has already happened in this pioneering scientific work.Steven Morris, chief executive of BIOLIFE4D, commented that the importance of these resources for a pioneering biotech company is not to be underestimated.

He added: "as we continue to develop our technology, this is a huge opportunity for our company.""It not only allows us to enter world-class laboratories, but also enables us to take advantage of state-of-the-art facilities, personnel and facilities in these leading research centres.We want to change the world, and it's better to do it now."


In BIOLIFE4D announced for the Securities and Exchange Commission (Securities and Exchange appointed to Form 1 - A validation of the open an A + (Mini - IPO rules after A few days, A + rules make BIOLIFE4D chance A $10 per share (minimum investment for 25 shares sold 5 million shares of stock to the public.The aim is to strengthen and accelerate the development of the company's 3D bio-print organization and organ.

It is worth noting that BIOLIFE4D says investors who buy more than $100, 000 in shares will have the opportunity to use BIOLIFE4D bio-printed hearts to actually witness the first heart transplant.The company's bio-printing process includes a three-dimensional model based on an MRI scan to generate a patient's heart, which can be digitally replicated in the same shape and size.Then, using cells derived from patients' blood and stem cell research, BIOLIFE4D says it plans to "reprogram" blood cells and turn them into heart cells.

The new (and patient-specific) heart cells are then added to the special biomaterials that feed into the bio-printer.Once an organ is established using bioink, the 3D printed heart can mature in a bioreactor until it is transplanted.

Simple as it sounds, BIOLIFE4D is a long way from being implanted in the first 3D printed heart.It is hoped that the partnership with northwestern university and its A + regulations will help achieve this goal.