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BMW Metal 3D Printing Making S1000RR Motorcycle Frame
Apr 20, 2018

As of 2016, the wet weight of S1000RR (including fuel, lubricating oil and battery) is 207.7 kg.By contrast, the wet weight of the game model is only 162 kilograms.With the help of 3D printing technology, BMW can further reduce the weight of S1000RR, reduce the weight of components, and optimize the multiplicative design.

Though the 3D printing technology is used in the prototype manufacturing, after all, the vehicle has not been finalised before always after continuous change, but it is easy to be seen on the amount of the product today 3D printing technology, for example, the site has been introduced Buggtti caliper is an example, BMW also said the current 3 d printing is only used in vehicle customization service is given priority to, perhaps in the near future, we are in when buying a car, motorcycle, matching project is not only built in leather or motorcycle tank after the universal parts of this type.


BMW's additive manufacturing park is located near the research and innovation center of the Munich company.According to BMW, the plant develops and manufactures more than 100,000 precision parts per year, including discontinued auto parts, plastic installers and "highly complex metal chassis parts".

A small number of custom-made or complex components are the main use of additive manufacturing equipment, and the r&d and innovation center is also producing metal 3D printing equipment for the i8 roadster.