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BMW Metal 3D Printing S1000RR Motorcycle Frame
Apr 20, 2018

A few days ago, bears at the South Pole has just reported, BMW BMW in Germany to invest 77 million yuan new material manufacturing park, in the new campus trailer, the reader may have noticed that the BMW 3D printing of motorcycle frame.

In a recent technology exhibition in Spain, BMW demonstrated the 3D printing frame based on S1000RR, which also represents the possibility of a more concise manufacturing process in the future.At first glance, the complex lines run through the car, with empty frames and arms like the bones of an animal.


BMW will be referred to as the "additional-material" made in the technology, through layer upon layer of plastic and metal cladding, the mode of production can be fast and easy in a short period of time will make complete object, traditional manufacturing process does not need heavy, huge casting machine, on the premise of convenient production also increased the creative freedom.