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British Graphite AM 3D Printing Company Delivered The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (uav) Sensor
Jun 14, 2018

FT Technologies is a manufacturer specializing in ultrasonic wind speed sensor development and production of the company, the company recently unveiled its first unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for 3D printing devices.

FT205 sensor by the British company posted Additive Manufacturing (AM) Graphite 3D printing.

FT technology company sales and marketing director Fred Squire said: "FT205 is a new generation of lightweight ultrasonic wind speed sensor in the first paragraph, FT205 light weight and proven FT ACU - RES technology, makes it very suitable for use in the air, and is suitable for the strict with the weight of other applications."

FT205 USES the acoustic resonance technology, provide relevant wind speed, direction and temperature of the environment information, based on the tiny vibration device and a built-in compass.

Selective laser sintering (SLS) technology has been used in the manufacture of the equipment, weighs 100 grams.It is reported that the materials used are nylon composite material, Graphite and may be posted AM proprietary carbon fiber reinforced PA.

This device can work in extreme conditions, the highest elevation 4000 meters, the temperature is between -20 to +70 ° C.

Recently, Graphite AM EXPRESS rail for its clients invested in a new SLS 3D printers, to help meet the increasing demand for services.

Graphite AM also Vulcan UAV with custom industrial drone manufacturers set up a partnership, and has been helping the company lightweight its equipment.