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By Generating Designgeneral Motors Entered A New Phase Of Lightweight Vehicles
May 10, 2018

On May 9, 2018, the Antarctic bear learned that gm had partnered with Autodesk, a software company, to develop its future product design.Ken Kelzer, vice President of global automotive parts and subsystems at general motors, said the company combined 3D printing with generation design to make the car development approach "completely transformational".

Through computer technology, the design process has become a way that was unimaginable before.Generative design brings natural elements to the traditional 3D modeling method.The process is not using geometry shape or carving of inventory, but use, is a set of parameters, these parameters can make the rapid design of the software of thousands or millions of potential parts, then designers need to choose a suitable solution.

The automated process allows the creation of geometry to match the traditional shape, and 3D printing is a perfect partner for creating previously "impossible" objects.


2018 3D printing industry awards nominations Frustum corporation is an innovative company, dedicated to increasing material manufacturing industry developed a generating design platform, and in the Los Angeles world of SOLIDWORKS, Desktop Metal used the technical preview the Live Parts.

"Generation design is the future of manufacturing," says Scott Reese, senior vice President of manufacturing and building products at Autodesk. "gm is the pioneer of lightweight future vehicles.Generative technology fundamentally changed the way engineering works, because the manufacturing process was incorporated into the design options from the start.

In the automotive field, Hackrod, a computer-design start-up, is also working with Autodesk to create custom hotrods.