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California Engineer With Natural Materials Of 3D Printing In Vitro Growth Of Organization
Dec 06, 2018

A natural substance found in blood vessels, such as fibrinogen (a compound found in blood clot) and matrix, an actual mammals can business purchase form of extracellular matrix.

However, find the right material is one of the biggest challenges, co-author of the study, bioengineering undergraduate XinYi (Linda) ray said."We want to use the natural material instead of synthetic material, so we can produce as much as possible and internal items as close as possible to the material.They also need to be able to use our 3D printing method."

Ami Dailamy is Mali laboratory biological engineering graduate student, he designed a 3D printing                                                                               support.

In a set of experiments, the researchers used to print the blood vessels to keep breast cancer survival in vitro."Our hope is that you can use our system can be used to test in vitro tumor model of anti-cancer drugs," nonsense.They extracted from mouse tumor fragments, and then some fragments embedded printing network of blood vessels.Other parts stored in standard 3D cell cultures.Three weeks later, encapsulated in tumor tissue of vascular imprinting to keep alive.At the same time, those in the standard cells in 3D cell culture most of the dead.

In another set of experiments, the researchers created vascularized intestinal model.This structure consists of two channels.A rectal tube is lined with intestinal epithelial cells to imitate;The other is a vascular channels (lining cells), round and round in the gut.The purpose is to restore a surrounded by a network of blood vessels of the intestinal tract.Then for each channel for optimizing the culture medium of the cells.Within two weeks, these channel starts to take on the shape of the more vivid.Gut, for example, have begun to sprout villi, hairs are small finger bumps in the inside of the intestinal wall.

"Through this strategy, we can start to make complex in vitro environment and long life of the system.In the future, this could replace animals used in the manufacture of these systems, this is what you're doing, "said Mali.

"This is a proof of concept, it shows that we can be of different types of cells together, if we want to simulating the interaction multiple organ in the body, this is very important.In a print product, we can create two different local environment, each environment in different cell types, alive and in close enough together, so that they can interact with each other, "nonsense.

The study was published recently in the Advanced Healthcare Materials, future work will focus on optimizing the print blood vessels and develop closer to imitate the vascularization in vivo tumor model.