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Can Be Reprocessed Material Of Thermosetting 3D Printing Was Born
May 29, 2018

For decades, researchers have been studying the complex structure of 3D printing submillimeter level.The latest research results of 3D printing technology provides a solution for this, such as digital light processing (DLP).The technology using ultraviolet (UV) to liquid polymer resin in a precise controlled way into separate solid structure.


In all the 3D printing material, because of its excellent high temperature mechanical stability, excellent chemical resistance and good compatibility with high precision 3D printing system, thermosetting photopolymer almost account for half of the 3D printing materials market.Those thermosetting photopolymer, however, by the light of the polymerization by uv irradiation reaction network formed by covalent bonds tend to be permanent, this will make the reaction of 3D printing structure don't have the ability to reprocessing, also is forming and ability to repair and recycle.With the explosive growth of the global 3D printing materials, thermosetting photopolymer shall no more be sure will cause a lot of material waste and serious environmental impact.