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Chopped Carbon Fiber With ABS Using In 3D Printing A Surprising Effect
Dec 28, 2018

Cannings tried to contact responsible for filament manufacturing company, but didn't get a response.

"From the previous study of product, it is suggested that the aspect ratio of the CF particles is about 1, which means they are in any direction without showing the overall benefit," he continued."This means that the failure of the test mode is not good at present, because of the low aspect ratio means that the fiber was showing in any direction tensile strength increased.As a result, increase the likelihood of ABS of YS depends on the adhesive strength between ABS and CF is higher than the bonding strength between ABS and ABS.The authors could not find any research in this field.Other substrates, such as epoxy resin, using chopped particles under the high viscosity in the CF between particle and matrix showed lower bond strength.Because the ABS has high viscosity, responsible for manufacturing companies may not be considered in the chopped CF the mixing process of ABS using appropriate."

This may be affecting the ABS and the main factors of strength difference between carbon fiber reinforced ABS sample.The author believes that the future work should focus on the appropriate mixing process and the structure of the carbon fiber geometry modification.Surprisingly, with the carbon fiber reinforced ABS compared 3D printing of printing, 3D from ordinary ABS print print obtained higher yield strength value.In ABS containing chopped carbon fiber particles results in the decrease of the tensile strength of 13% to 29%.More research is needed to determine its cause, but early estimates show that the combination between carbon fiber particles and ABS plastic materials become weak.

Many operators to buy the CF filament, in the hope that its performance is superior to the ordinary filament.In many cases, we already know, for the majority of users in most applications, the increased cost of is unworthy.Most of the carbon fiber filament is no function and stupid.This is a useful study, can support this.We are very grateful, in positive results, there is a negative result is also very good!