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Chopped Carbon Fiber With ABS Used In 3D Printing A Surprising Effect
Dec 28, 2018

Recently, from the Australian defence force academy at the university of new south wales, author of Owen. Cannings in titled "chopped carbon fiber on the influence of acrylonitrile - butadiene styrene yield strength, the paper discusses the add chopped carbon fiber can obviously improve the yield strength of ABS 3D printing problems.Although common is 3D printing material of carbon fiber reinforced material, but it is usually in the form of continuous fiber throughout the material.The purpose of the author is to find out whether chopped carbon fiber has the same effect.

Cannings tested with chopped carbon fiber reinforced ABS and ABS sample.Carbon fiber reinforced specimen has more deformation than normal ABS samples, indicating that the CF - ABS material more malleable.He also tested the two kinds of material yield stress in the 3D printing sample.3D printing components of yield strength is lower than the yield strength of raw filament, this suggests that print parts may exist in its internal some gaps or defects.

"Although similar to filament stress level is ideal, but still can be observed that reduce the strength of carbon fiber, ABS parts."Cannings says, "for a scale of 0-90 to orientation and intensity was observed on average by 21.1%.Sample for plus or minus 45 ° orientation, observed intensity on average by 12.9%."