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Common Errors In 3D Printers
Nov 13, 2017

3D printers are becoming more and more popular because of their high technology and convenience. However, if you want to buy 3D printers, you need to avoid some mistakes

1, 3D printing is very easy, as long as the input template print "- obviously, this is a very simple and wrong ideas, although many commercial 3D printers have perfect design, but new products especially to raise the public products, often require the user to assemble, debug, and have some mechanical and software fault is difficult to avoid the failure will often bring printing experience, it is necessary to do psychological expectations.

2. "Anything can print."!" Obviously not. Usually you've been limited by some 3D templates, and the materials you download online are relatively limited. Want to print an exquisite high-heeled shoes? On the one hand, there is no template, on the one hand simple 3D printer can not achieve industrial level effect.

3, "PLA material better" - although PLA is more healthy than ABS, environmental protection, but its plastic degree is limited, is not durable, so before PLA further evolution, ABS is still the first choice of 3D printing material.

4, "I want to use 3D printers to shop to make money" - the current use of 3D printing technology to make money more and more emerging enterprises, small to tableware, toys, large to high-grade custom clothing, but if the family wants to use 3D printers to make money, or some difficulty. On the one hand, the family 3D printer can not mass production, while consumables cost accounting, even sell products.