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Constructora Conconcreto Complete The Columbia 3D Printing House
May 08, 2018

The 3D printed house is a prototype, but powerful, with an automated electrical system and an area of 23.4 square meters of bathroom, bedroom, dining room and kitchen.Constructora Conconcreto has been working on the preparation of concrete "ink" and USES different formulas to print objects, such as flowerpots and street furniture, before using BIM to design the whole house.The company has been working with SUMICOL to develop concrete mixtures.


During the construction of Casa Origami, the advantages of 3D printing are clearly manifested, for example, the manufacturing time and material consumption are greatly reduced.The 3d-printed house needs 26.82 hours, consisting of 32 large pieces.Large-scale 3D printers can run 24/7, and the entire project is an environmentally friendly project that requires little waste and USES solar panels to power homes.