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Constructora Conconcreto Completed The Columbia 3D Printing House
May 08, 2018

3D printed buildings are springing up all over the world.Dubai has said it plans to have a significant proportion of home 3D printing in the near future, and has already demonstrated its capabilities through 3D printing of office buildings and LABS.Meanwhile, Europe has built several 3D printing buildings, and the United States has a small 3D printing house.The fact that livable buildings are being printed in 3D is still surprising, even though the buildings are becoming more common and the novelty is still there.


Columbia recently built its first 3D printed house, which is provided by a company called Constructora Conconcreto.The company has a large 3D printer at the Conconcreto innovation center at the EIA university in antioya, Colombia. The country's first 3D printing house has been built.The house is called Casa Origami, which USES the 3D printing of large pieces of Constructora Conconcreto, and then puts them together instead of printing the entire house asa whole.