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Constructora Conconcreto Completes The Columbia 3D Printing House
May 08, 2018

Constructora Conconcreto specializes in construction projects in Colombia and panama, positioning itself as a technical leader in Latin America and the world.3D printing houses, though increasingly common, are still so novel that they have the status of pioneers.So far, the way of 3 d printing architecture in Latin America is not much, this makes Constructora Conconcreto become a can achieve real change in the region, especially in need of low-cost housing area.Constructora Conconcreto obtained two patents, the first patent in the company's history, and was hailed as a "big step in the formalization and development of knowledge in the construction industry".


Constructora Conconcreto was founded in 1961, although there has been debate 3 d printing in build houses and other buildings to how much of the debate at an alarming rate, but the fact is that it has repeatedly shown his is a quick and effective technology, Constructora Conconcreto looks is a forward thinking company, 3 d printing building field in the future will is in the lead.