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Designer Beer Holthuis Invented The World's First Pulp 3D Printer
Nov 08, 2018

The rising of 3D printing demand.3D printing is much faster than the traditional manufacturing, less waste.The problem is that almost all the printing material is plastic, is one of the worst materials on the environment.Designer bill holt, want to know why there is no more sustainable 3D printing materials.He found that the moisture absorption of paper could be one of the best materials, and invented the world's first use of the pulp rather than plastic 3D printers, paper pulp printer.

Holthuis will we waste a year of paper quantity (80 kg) each need reassembled into a little natural adhesive paper pulp, printing products can be recycled.

    "Print product design using the possibility of the technology and aesthetics, and" Holthuis said."Tactile experience, thick line and print speed has created unique shape.These items are also very durable: printing paper surprisingly strong.

    Holthuis using natural adhesive will stick together, make sure that the whole system is able to recycle.In addition, it printed works is a beautiful marbled.