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DNA 3D Printers Can Allow Scientists To Overnight Synthetic Genes
Jun 25, 2018

(university of California, Berkeley, university of California, Berkeley) scientists have invented a on-demand to create a new method of DNA sequences, this method is expected to be faster and cheaper.It does not require the use of toxic chemicals, and so far all over the world more accurate laboratory using conventional DNA synthesis technology.New ways of "overnight" synthetic gene - it can produce ten times longer than the artificial DNA strands of DNA.Scientists say it could lead to research laboratory of 3D printers "DNA", it works with many modern workshop in 3D printers.

Graduate student at the university of California, Berkeley, Dan Arlow were said: "if you are a mechanical engineer, in your store have a really good 3D printers, part of it can be printed out overnight, so you can be tested in the morning."If you are a researcher or biological engineers, and you have a simplified DNA synthesis tool, so 'DNA printers, can quickly test your ideas, and try more new ideas."