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Dr. Scholl Cooperate With Wiivv Provide Consumers With 3D Printing Custom Insoles
Jan 10, 2019

Was established in 112 years ago, Dr. Scholl is a leader in the field of foot care, with their startup Wiivv cooperation, to provide full custom 3D printing insole.Using a simple smartphone applications, consumer can be personalized design of their own, and order of Dr. Scholl custom insoles, 3D printing from the feet, 400 points on the map.The partnership in a large-scale science and technology trade show in Las Vegas this week announced CES 2019.

"Dr. Scholl understand the importance of customization for more and more consumers.Enables us to the new product in the right place for our customers to provide appropriate support, "Dr. Scholl American marketing director Claudia f. Metcalf said."Use Wiivv Fit technology, we for Dr. Scholl as reliable, comfortable insoles with custom 3D experience.This is a senior individual breakthrough, can achieve at home shopping."

Wiivv pioneered the consumers by phone to capture the foot outline and the ability to create custom 3D printing footwear.Three years ago, Wiivv consumer electronics show in Las Vegas at the TechCrunch (CES) hardware battlefield runner-up in the competition, the company launched the first successful Kickstarter campaign at the same time, for the production of 3D printing custom insoles.CES is the place where two partners meet for the first time, is now a site for the first time that the cooperation.

Wiivv co-founder and chief executive of Shamil Hargovan said: "we are in the field of Wiivv create help Dr. Scholl expand the scale of custom business, meet the needs of the consumers, the consumers are aware of the advantages of customization to the body.""We are a technology company, but we through a lot of time making a custom product to add luster to your life, so you can feel the life.Is a great pleasure and Dr. Scholl cooperation, we are very happy to be able to push forward the on-demand retail and manufacturing in the United States."

Dr. Scholl Custom 3D Inserts now over a quarter of sanhe model, priced at $99.Customer first downloaded from Apple or Google Play store Dr. Scholl Custom 3D Inserts application, and then take pictures on your phone.Custom insoles in 3D printing order within 14 days after you arrive.