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EnvisionTEC Introduce Resin Material E-rigidform, Which Prints The World's Longest 3D Printing Chain Strength Racing Nylon.
Apr 24, 2018

The advantages of e-rigidform enable EnvisionTEC to print the longest resin chain in the 3D world into a single piece.When printing such a long and heavy item, the weaker material will sag, causing the printing to fail.The chain is printed in 3D printing by EnvisionTEC's largest resin printer. The printing area of Xede 3SP is 18 x 18 x 18 inches.

"E-rigidform is a breakthrough material for our 3SP 3D printer, which can provide very large construction areas without affecting speed and accuracy.It is impossible to print this size and complexity before, just because it requires a lot of links and layers of hardness in the 3D printing process."EnvisionTEC CEO Al Siblani.