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ETH Use FDM 3D Printers And Liquid Crystal Polymer To Print Out The Structure Of The Strong Light
Sep 19, 2018

From eth Zurich complex material and soft material team of researchers use cheap FDM desktop printers and liquid crystal polymer developed a 3D printing of lightweight structure method of biological inspiration.The first time they will be able to use single recyclable materials printed object, its mechanical properties more than all the other available can print polymer, can even compete with fiber reinforced composite materials.

                             Use of fused deposition modeling 3D printing layer, cause the LCP.

When need to hard light materials, such as in aircraft, vehicles and biomedical implants, usually the use of fiber reinforced polymer structure.Although they have very high stiffness and strength, but this kind of lightweight materials need energy and labor intensive manufacturing process.In addition, the result is fragile, easy to damage and difficult to forming and recycling.

Researchers was inspired by the nature can be found in the two materials - spider silk and wood.The height of the spider silk by silk protein along the fiber direction molecular arrangement for its unique mechanical properties.Through the use of liquid crystal polymer (LCP) as raw materials for the FDM, the researchers were able to reproduce the high alignment.In addition, by applying the specific load conditions according to the environment custom print local orientation of the path to take advantage of anisotropic fiber properties.Principle of this design was inspired by the life of organizations such as wood along the whole structure of growth and adaptation to the environment load generated by the stress line arrangement fiber's ability.