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ETH Use FDM 3D Printer And Liquid Crystal Polymer To Print Out The Structure Of The Strong Light
Sep 19, 2018

  3D printing samples,After stress line printing line and representatives of the wood knot biological                                                                             inspiration.

The resulting 3D printing LCP structure shows the hierarchical structure, complex geometry and unprecedented rigidity and toughness.The researchers say, in fact, they are more powerful than the most advanced 3D printing polymer."Will 3D printing top-down molding free combined with bottom-up molecular control ability on polymer orientation open the possibility of the structure design and the implementation of freedom, and not restricted by the current manufacturing process of a typical."

      3D printing LCP laminate and the mechanical properties and complicated shape of the parts.

The technology is expected to be need several structure of high performance lightweight materials, biomedical application of the change and the energy collection.Because the study is to use the ready-made polymer and commercial desktop printers, researchers hope to a wider range of gain material manufacture and the open source community to adopt the new material and digital design in, and make light of LCP and complex objects.