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Fc Twente University In The Netherlands Used Laser Technology 3D Printing Gold Little Gem
Nov 01, 2018

Once the structure is complete, the researchers use chemical etching in the ferric chloride to completely remove copper stent.By doing so, they left a pure independent spiral composite materials.

    The top view of screw (c) show that it is 3 d, with center gap.In (b), it is still in a box of copper

Ability to create a fully independent and drape structure for complex 3D printing equipment is crucial.Will LIFT combined with chemical etching using can show the possibility of small generating these type structure.

LIFT technology is a promising technology, used for other metals and metal combination.The researchers expected, 3D electronic circuit, micro mechanical equipment, and biomedical applications in the field of sensing materials will have a chance to get the application.Therefore, it is a very small powerful new production technology: 3 d printing is an important step in the "disabled".

The study by fc twente university engineering institute of technology, solid, surface, and majored in mechanical system (MS3) and design, production and management (DPM).Researchers with fc Twente University (University of Twente) of the spin-off company DEMCON corporation cooperation.

By Matthias Feinaeugle, Ralph Pohl, Ton Bor, Tom Vaneker and Gert - says willem Romer and others write a thesis of "pure metal film by laser induced positive transfer (LIFT) to print out the complex microstructure of independence has been published.