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Fc Twente University In The Netherlands Using Laser Technology 3D Printing Gold Little Gem
Nov 01, 2018

Fc twente university in the Netherlands, researchers have developed a new metal 3D printing technology, this technology can make laser equipment in a few micron scale, chase to drop way to print metallic structures, including pure gold.

By convention, metal structure can be achieved by lithography, casting, selective laser sintering or melting method to produce.However, the new method also does not apply to feature sizes smaller than 10 microns metal 3D printing, this would be interesting for electronic equipment.

Researchers new technology called laser induced positive transfer (also known as the "LIFT"), use of ultrashort laser pulses melt nanometers thick film on the tiny pieces of metal.This creates a molten metal droplets, these droplets can be sprayed to their target, solidification during landing.Due to the technology, researchers at UT to bit by bit with copper and gold droplets construct spiral microstructure.These two kinds of metal have similar melting point, in this case, the copper ACTS as a mechanical support "box", gold in the above form.

     Laser printing technology: by print in turn copper and gold, gold spiral originally surrounded by            a copper box.Dropped the copper etching, can form an independent spiral of pure gold

Metal droplet volume only a few of femtoliter (one over one trillion).Manufacturing method of the droplet is green laser pulses with ultrashort light metal.The precision of temperature enables the structure to elaborate structure, height is only a few microns, and have the details of less than 10 microns, with minimum surface roughness (about 0.3 to 0.7 microns).For researchers, one of the key question is whether the two metals will be mixed in their interface: this will affect the quality of the product after etching.The researchers wrote in the increase of material manufacturing, found no signs of this metal mixture.