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Five Habitable 3D Print Concrete Houses Will Be Built In The Dutch
Jun 05, 2018

PSV eindhoven, with PSV eindhoven university of technology, the contractor Van Wijnen, real estate manager Vesteda, material Saint Gobain - Weber cooperation, jointly implement the project.Vesteda is these potential buyers of the house, will lease them to tenants.

The house was designed by architect Houben/Van Mierlo, from their "green landscape of irregular blocks" inspiration.House, round, asymmetric shape make full use of the 3D printing can build almost any shape.The goal of design is high quality and sustainability;For example, 3D printing house will not have gas connection, this is very rare in the Dutch families.

Responsible for the TU/e 3D printing center west, concrete salai (Theo Salet) said: "we two years ago in the Dutch Design Week (Dutch Design Week) during came up with the idea."But you need a partner, to let the idea become a reality.We have a 3D printing, now we want to know what's it like to live in 3D printing house.We are still in the study, we hope our team can print out the buildings in the future.