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Five Habitable 3D Printing Concrete Houses Will Be Built In The Dutch
Jun 05, 2018

PSV Eindhoven, Netherlands, Eindhoven next year in Persia, (Bosrijk), MEL hoving (Meerhoven), PSV Eindhoven, Eindhoven University of Technology (Eindhoven University of Technology), concrete building of the first batch of 3D printing will be built.

This is called "milestones" (project Milestone) project is the first in the world, because of all the houses will be use to live.It is composed of five 3D printing house, and will be built in succession.The first set of house will is a single-layer house, is expected to be put into use, in the mid - 2019 - and the other four sets of multi-storey residential.Will abide by all the conventional concrete structure building codes, and will meet today's residents in comfort, layout, quality and price requirements.