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Flythinking Pancake 3D Printer Show In CBCF
Jan 06, 2018

Dongguan Dongmei food group co., LTD.with its subsidiary company Guangdong Gomita biochemical technology co., LTD., to attend the Canton fair baking exhibition. Flythinking keep good relations of Dongmei food group co., LTD.In the exhibition Flythinking brought a pancake 3D printer as impetus to promote the Dongmei food group of starch products through the form of 3D printing pancake displayed in front of the people in novel ways, to strengthen the relations between the two big business cooperation and played a good role in promoting product of two company.Flythinking 3D pancake printer show in CBCF baking exhibition that means 3D print can be appllied in  every fields in daily life.Flythinking will push the application of 3D printing to become more and more popular in China or even in the world in near future.