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German Scientists Developed A New Insect Scanning Platform But No Dead Angle View And 3D Printing
May 25, 2018

At the time of visit the insect museum, careful people will find a lot of samples with stitches.But as time goes on, they will face vulnerable aging, even "beetle" museum specimens (round skin amount) to eating problems.Because of this, German scientists thought about a to give it a more permanent option - 3D scanning, and then to digital preservation.And the key to the study, is to build a specially designed for insects and automated 3D scan imaging.

The open source prototype, referred to as "darmstadt 3D scanner insects", hereinafter referred to as DISC3D.It is composed of darmstadt university and the university of applied sciences, a joint team after four years development.

Its first placed in the middle of the scanner any size of insects, provided by the two and a half spherical light source in all directions of illumination, and then use a bedplate carried a digital camera to continue collecting photos.

As the double-axis stepper motor rotation, and the machine of reciprocating movement, the camera can shoot from all directions.

The end result is that the camera 400 25000 photos of different spatial direction.Put them together, they form a high resolution, true color photography and 3D models surface texture of insects.

Because is a digital image, it can be all access to the Internet.And the people on the computer to watch, to turn the zooming and details, measure the parts, and even made a 3D printer enlarged the physical copy.

For details of the research, has published recently in the journal ZooKeys.Former entitled: "the An automated device for the digitization and 3D modelling of insects, combining extended - the depth - of - field and all - side multi - view imaging"