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Gillette Razors Provide Consumer With A Series Of 3D Printing Handle Can Be Customized
Oct 22, 2018

Consumers can access Razor Maker website ( to create your own 3D printing Razor handles.There, visitors can choose 48 kinds of design, can only use 3D printing production.After choose the handle, consumers can choose seven kinds of color options (black, white, red, blue, green, gray and chrome color) and add text to further personalize in design.Handle can accommodate Gillette MACH3 or Fusion5 ProGlide razors boxes.

Formlabs chief product officer DavidLakatos said: "3D printing of mass customization has finally become a real consumer experience terminal printing products."Historically, 3D printing has been involved in people daily interacts with the development of most of the products or manufacturing processes, but consumers have little interaction with 3D printing itself...These new custom razor handle is to change the dynamic of the next step.The 3D printing products directly to consumers' hands."

Consumers can be received in 2-3 weeks their personalized 3D printing razor handles.Part of 3D printing with black rubber handle on the handle, the handle is starting at $19, while the full 3 d printing handle for $25.Chrome handle $39 and $45, respectively.Each handle is equipped with a razor box, customers can choose for $15 order four additional cartridges.